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Unveiling the Fourth Wave of Coffee: Savage Coffees' Innovative Processing Techniques

At SAVAGE Coffees, we are not just passionate about brewing the perfect cup of coffee; we are obsessed with redefining the coffee experience. Our commitment to innovation and flavor has led us to explore uncharted territories in coffee processing, pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the industry. At the heart of our innovative pursuits is our founder, Jamison Savage, who is renowned for his unique and inventive approaches to coffee processing.

Forging a New Path in Coffee Processing

Jamison has a reputation for being the tip of the spear when it comes to processing coffee in unique and interesting ways. It is easy to label Jamison as a coffee enthusiast. However, his passion extends far beyond conventional boundaries. His relentless pursuit of perfection has made him a pioneer in coffee processing, experimenting with different techniques, borrowing methods from multiple industries, and incorporating them into our coffee production process. The wine sector, in particular, has been a significant source of inspiration. This is where much of his knowledge and inspiration with Biodynamic cultivation, Carbonic Maceration and Anaerobic processing were developed.

Transforming Coffee with Biodynamic Cultivation, Carbonic Maceration, and Anaerobic Processing

"The wines were so alive, so vivid and expressive, I thought to myself, if I could capture and intensify similar levels of complexity inherent in my coffees, I would indeed have something even more special in the cup." - Jamison

Over the years, Jamison's fascination with the wine industry has driven him to delve deeper into advanced processing techniques like Biodynamic cultivation, Carbonic Maceration, and Anaerobic processing. These techniques have traditionally been associated with wine production. However, their application to coffee processing has opened up a new world of flavors and aromas, taking our coffee to another level of complexity and richness.

Setting New Standards in Coffee Experience

SAVAGE Coffees' revolutionary techniques have been met with much acclaim, and we are now considered to be at the forefront of the coffee industry. Our success is evidenced by multiple awards and accolades that recognize our unique approach to coffee production. As Jamison likes to put it, "We are proud to be pioneers in redefining the coffee experience; the fourth wave of coffee is here to stay."

SAVAGE will remain dedicated to improving and maximizing the flavor experience within our coffees through advanced processing techniques and uncompromising quality standards. Each cup of Savage Coffee is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our passion for innovation.

Welcome to the Fourth Wave of Coffee

We are ushering in a new era in the coffee industry, the fourth wave of coffee. This wave is characterized by a focus on the complete coffee experience, from the origin of the beans to the brewing process and, ultimately, the taste in your cup. Our innovative processing techniques and our passion for quality and flavor make SAVAGE Coffees the torchbearer of this new era.

Join us as we continue to explore and redefine the boundaries of coffee. Experience the richness, complexity, and vibrancy of SAVAGE Coffees, where every sip tells a story of innovation, passion, and relentless pursuit of perfection.

From our founder

A Legacy Rooted in Panama's Extraordinary Landscape

8° 32' 16.7316'' N

ORIGIN: Panama

At Savage Coffees, we believe in the power of terroir. Our handcrafted legacy is deeply rooted in Panama’s extraordinary landscape, which is reflected in every grain of coffee we produce. Our coffee tells the story of its origin, carrying the essence of the soil, the climate, and the unique characteristics of the region. Our commitment to preserving this authenticity while enhancing the flavor experience is what sets us apart.

The Panamanian coffee industry is centered in the Chiriquí province of Panama’s northern highlands and is concentrated in the areas of Boquete and Volcán. Also called the Valley of Flowers and Eternal Spring, these areas are perched on the sides of the Baru Volcano and surrounding foothills. It is in these idyllic locales that truly distinct and unique coffees are produced. These highlands are blessed with terroir consisting of highly volcanic, enriched soil, abundant moisture, diverse microclimates, regular rainfall, dense vegetation, and cloud cover to nourish the coffee trees. This in turn contributes to the production of fine shade grown coffees with incredibly complex flavor characteristics.

This is the 4th wave of coffee

Producer Partnership Program

Collaborating with Local Farmers and Ethical Bean Growers

We are boutique coffee producers, hailing from the scenic landscapes of Boquete Valley and Volcan, Panama. Our mission is to provide our world-class coffees delivered to your door. Our proficiency is born from best practices in agronomy, production, and respect for our ecology. This steadfast commitment, coupled with years of innovative experimentation and development, has enabled us to produce internationally crafted coffees that regularly rank among the top 10 in national and global championships.

Single Estate Anthology Series

Nurturing Volcanic Soils

High Humidity


High Elevation

Finca Deborah

Region: Los Pozos, Volcan, Chiriqui Highlands

Soils: Highly Organic, Volcanic
Direction: Multiple, predominately east
Annual Rainfall: 2200-2500 ml
Elevation: 1900-2000 MASL
Average Humidity: 70%
Average Temperature: 17 C

Geisha, Red Bourbon, Red Caturra, SL-28, Sidra, Casiopia, African Heirlooms

Located at an elevation of 1900+ meters and nestled deep in the mountains of Volcan, Finca Deborah is shrouded in dense cloud coverage for most of the year. The plantation is a beautiful, natural environment where rare species of plants and animals are abundant and where Geisha grows to its full potential under the protection of the lush rainforest canopy.

Finca Deborah has the distinct privilege of working with some of the most talented and creative names in coffee. Our coffees have made notable progress in both national and world competition, with frequent podium finishes. In 2016 Deborah washed Geisha was used to win the World Barista Championship in Dublin, Ireland, frequently showcased during prestigious events, and served in some of the world’s most distinguished restaurants by highly acclaimed chefs.

The Nôbe-Buglé people are the primary workforce on the farm and are the backbone of Finca Deborah. We understand that our operation could not exist without their skill and expertise. We strive to ensure that their needs are met with an abundance of care and compassion.

Iris Estate

Region: Paso Ancho, Volcan, Chiriqui Highlands

Soils: Highly Organic, Volcanic
Direction: Multiple
Annual Rainfall: 2200-2500 ml
Elevation: 1850-2300 MASL
Average Humidity: 80%
Average Temperature: 15 C

Geisha, Red Bourbon, Sidra, Perineum, SL-28, Yemen Moka, and African Heirlooms.

In 2015 Jamison made the decision to build upon the success of Finca Deborah and start another extreme elevation farm.  He located a piece of virgin land in the Volcan region of Panama using the same strict terroir parameters he had used to locate famed Finca Deborah.

Iris Estate rests at 1850 meters / 6105 feet above sea level and stretches to nose-bleed levels of 2300 meters / 7590 feet above sea level, a new record for Latin American coffee farms.  These extreme altitudes are demanding for both the Savage Coffees’ Team and the coffee trees themselves.  The air is thin, but the soils, micro-climates, and beneficial trees compsose the perfect terroir from which to grow one of the world’s most prized Geisha coffees.

Seeded from the most noble of farms, Finca Deborah, Iris Estate has already proven itself in both the cup and World stage to produce coffees as Jamison describes, “Terroir, Variety, and Producer driven from start to finish."

Morgan Estate

Region: Bambito, Volcan, Chiriqui Highlands

Soils: Highly Organic, Volcanic
Direction: Multiple
Annual Rainfall: 2400-2800 ml
Elevation: 1750-1850 MASL
Average Humidity: 80%
Average Temperature: 15 C

Variety : Geisha

Morgan Estate, located in Bambito, Volcan, is a prime example of what geisha coffee can be when grown and cared for in the proper terroir. The farm is located in a vertical, tropical-rainforest valley of lush canopy. A tranquil river runs through its centre and age old trees watch over the this distinguished land. Amongst the wonder you find geisha coffee trees, growing like coffee was meant to grow, and preparing for award winning processing techniques by Jamison Savage.

Jamison has worked closely with the Morgan family for more than 10 years, producing award winning Geisha and caring for this extraordinary, boutique, farm. Morgan Estate Geisha has carried competitors to many national barista and brewer cup championship victories and placed numerous times in the top 10 of the world championships.

Don Eduardo Estate

Region: Salta, Boquete, Chiriqui Highlands

Soils: Highly Organic, Volcanic
Direction: East, South East
Annual Rainfall: 3100-3300 ml
Elevation: 1850-1900 MASL
Average Humidity: 80%
Average Temperature: 16 C

Varieties: Geisha, Red Catuai

Don Eduardo Eduardo Estate is a farm owned and operated by 4th generation Boquetenian, Harold Sabin. Born and raised into an agricultural family, Harold learned respect for hard work and product excellence at a young age. Throughout Harold's formative years Harold's father Harold Sabin Kuckler Sr. and his Grandfather Juan Eduardo Castillo taught Harold respect for the land, care for production of coffee, and the people who work his land.

Don Eduardo Estate was started by Harold in 2016 with 12,000+ Geisha trees provided by SAVAGE Coffees, in an area of the farm with an elevation having more than 1850 MASL.