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Apex | Nespresso Compatible Geisha Blend

Sale price$18.00 USD

This bold, aromatic, creamy coffee is based on Carbonic Maceration Geisha & Natural Bourbon. It offers sweetness, a round & syrupy mouthfeel with a fruity character, and a long-lasting finish.

Quantity ~ 14 capsules 
Producer ~ Jamison Savage 
Process ~ Natural & Washed 
Variety ~ Geisha, Bourbon Blend 
Region ~ Chiriqui, Panama 
Terroir ~ Rainforest, Shade-grown, Volcanic Soil, 1,900 MASL 
Flavor Notes ~ Balanced & Well-bodied. Notes of Grapes, Champagne, Strawberry, Cream, Chocolate 

We have long envisioned, and now achieved, delicious encapsulated coffees with excellent extraction and extraordinary flavor.  We've encapsulated Apex using aluminum capsules and infused it with nitrogen to maintain a low residual oxygen content – leading to a longer shelf life.

Apex | Nespresso Compatible Geisha Blend
Apex | Nespresso Compatible Geisha Blend Sale price$18.00 USD


Extraction times: Machine dependent
Recommended yield:
55 grams
Espresso yield: 40 grams
Nespresso™ OriginalLine capsule-compatible

Our capsules’ grind settings are fine tuned to obtain a desired cup profile. For best results, use The Morning Machine with preprogrammed settings that are specific to each of our specialty capsules.


Water makes up to 99% of brewed coffee. It’s important to use only fresh, filtered and soft water to fully extract flavors & keep your equipment reliable for years.

  • TDS 70-120 ppm
  • pH = 7.0
  • General hardness level <4°dH
  • Brewing temperature: 94-96°C / 201.2-204.8°F
  • Use filtered or low mineral content spring water

Apex | Nespresso Compatible Geisha Blend

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